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Kenya National Parks

About 24 km south of Malindi, is the Watamu Marine National Park.

The park has over 140 species of coral and is abundant with marine life. The 'Big Three Caves', situated at the entrance to Mida Creek, are the marine park's most exciting attraction. The caves are named after three giant rock cod, [....more]

Across the highway from Tsavo West is Tsavo East. Famous for its large numbers of elephant and spectacular herds of up to 1000 buffalo, Tsavo East has more open savannah than its western sibling.

The scrub-covered hills of the southern park have a very remote feel and the park, despite its great [....more]

At nearly 22,000km2, Tsavo is the largest national park in Kenya and one of the largest in the world. Due to its size the park was split into two - Tsavo West and Tsavo East - for easier administration. Tsavo is the ideal destination for people who seek solitude and privacy as well as the chance [....more]

One of Sweetwaters' main attractions is the chimpanzee sanctuary. You can take a boat trip through the sanctuary, which is only one square kilometre in size, and spot some of the 26 orphaned chimps that inhabit the forest. Another attraction is a resident tame rhino named Morani.

On arriving [....more]

Shimba Hills National Reserve is a small national park situated 56 km south of Mombasa and 15 km inland, in Kenya's Coast Province. Its proximity to Mombasa and the fact that its only a few kilometres inland of Tiwi and Diani beaches, makes this reserve is a great option for holidaymakers.

At 500 [....more]

The first thing you'll notice on a Samburu safari is that it is worlds apart from the other parks in Kenya. It's not particularly well-known and as a result is less crowded than most Kenyan reserves.

Samburu National Reserve is situated on the banks of the Ewaso Ngiro River in the dry northern r [....more]

The Mount Kenya Park is the perfect place to relax after a dusty safari and get a different take on Kenya, particularly as it is located between some of Kenya's top national parks: Aberdare, Samburu and Meru.

At a giddy 5199m Mount Kenya dominates the Central Highlands. It is Africa's second high [....more]

Meru National Park achieved worldwide fame with its association to Joy Adamson's Born Free. The film chronicled the rehabilitation of Elsa the lioness as she was re-introduced to the Kenyan wilderness. Despite the fact that it's one of Kenya's major national parks, this destination is still o [....more]

Lewa Downs is a 160 km2 private ranch with a beautiful stone and thatch lodge. While cattle are still farmed here, it is also a rhino and wildlife sanctuary with both black and white rhino. The ranch is abundant with wildlife, including: elephants, giraffes, eland, oryx, buffalo, lion and leopar [....more]

Lake Turkana is a desert lake in northern Kenya and southern Ethiopia, and the most saline of Africa's great lakes. With no access to the sea, and no river to fill it, Turkana's level fluctuates with the seasons, its shoreline creeping up and down the desert sands. It both looks and feels ancien [....more]